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V/A: 380v-50HZ-500A
weight: 4500kg
volume: 5060MMX1200MMX2900MM
Unit Price: 1.00USD/SET
Capacity: 1000 SET
Delivery Time: 20 days after deposite
Detailed info
2021 Multistation Automatic Tracking
System of Welding
*In 2012, according to customer's requirement, we started to develop the automatic tracking systemof welding applying for medium thick plate structure. based on the analysis of problems happenedin actual thick plate welding process, like the welding bead deviation caused by thermal deformationin manual welding,seam-tracking position deviation in robot welding, and overalI manufacturinginefficiency, we integrated the automatic tracking device with optimized welding device,formed thisautomatic tracking system of welding, fitting for large structure products. It also successfully appliedto the astomatic welding of mining hydraulic support parts and mine loaders' nose, as well as thethe integration of welding as a whole in large machine base box section.All get the customers'highly recognition.
Patent No:201320672180.9
The customers' difficulties are our research direction, reducing the customers' cost and improvingthe efficiency is our goal. We welcome friends from all industries to visit our company and havebusiness cooperation together.
 Real-time and precise automatic tracking ofwelding function
Research Background and Product Features
No programming, no fixingthe welding workpieces accurately, which reduces the production cost,improves working efficiency, and decreases workers' labour intensity.
The integration ofwelding as a whole especially for the bottom edges and right-angel bead oflargethick plated box part.
» Specific uphill and downhill automatic tracking welding function.
±180°rotate function, and welding with both two stations sequentially.
In traditional programming controlled automatic welding production, large thick plated components areeasy to occur that welding torch separates from the seam track, which leads to missing welding anddeviation of welding seam. This is usually impacted by material unfairness, rough appearance,anddimension control in machining, material deformation in welding. Some problems as tooling, clamps, andpersonnel are meed to consider as well. In order to avoid this situation, the programmer needs to modifythe program for many times. only after ////confirm/i/i/i/ied, the welding procedure can be continued, thus reducethe efficiency,and increase the company cost.
Wireless control function for easy operation.
Adopting water-cooled push wire welding torch, and the clamps can be fine-tuned in different direction.
about FJCORE
According to the actual production situation, our company developed new generation automatic weldingsystem---F3617 automatic tracking system of welding, which has independent intellectual property rights.It optimizes the features of the welding machine and robots, but does not need to program. It works asreal-time locating and tracking welding which uses four highly precise sensors on head, and locates withthe bottom plate and side plate of fillet seam. So it doesn't have to consider the assembled deviation ofwork pieces. It also can be switched in automatic or manual operation according to the actual situation.That achieves multi-directional,multi-angle automatic welding.
specialized in making automaticFJCORE automation equipment Co.,Ltd.tracking systems and devices of welding. It has complete and scientific quality management system,and is recognized by the industry for credibility, capability and quality.
Main Achievements:
The biggest future of this system is that it can achieve automatic fillet welding for large thick plated boxpart especially the mesh type structure. At the same time it combined the welding functions fits for Irregularwelding,such as flat weld, uphill and downhill welding with on programming. It can use existing enterprise' swelding parameters, and reduce the extra burden.The same welding parameters ensures the consistencyof product quality, also lower the cost,reduce the production cycle, and increase the efficiency.
*In 2005,our company solved the customers' problem on precision in size of forming thin-walledsteel plate.That makes the Chinese local support devices of high-precision filter meet the standardof PALL Corporation, which is the top leveled filter manufacturer in United States,and become itsonby filter support device supplier in China.
*In 2010,our company solved the issues about welding visual monitoring and weld seam automatictracking,which occur in the process of long size straight seam welding. This also be applied on theactual thin plate welding products. The achievement raises our quality of thin shell products andsupport devices welding, which meets PALL' s manufacture standard, and passes the 30000 timescompression test in PALL' s internal inspection. Our welding appearance and intemal quality isbeyond the overall level of the industry.
The system adopts the contact sensor seam tracking method. The welding work piece can be located asa benchmark just places close to the outer foot of the system underbed naturally, no need to accuratepositioning or clamping.Sensors have real-time weld tracking function. System can rotate ±180 °in bothtwo stations,which is convenient for one station welding, another station taking preparation.Two pointswork at the same time.Welding torch head can adjust angle between 32-90° in vertical direction,meetthe requirement of multi-level and multi-channel welding. It can also rotate ±180 °in horizontal direction,that makes the base plate can form in one-time. Shaft joints with nine movement directions can satisfyall kinds of welding methods as much as possible to catch the enterprise product changes.The users' difficultyis our research direction.The goal we pursue is to reduce the production cost and improve efficiency for users.
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